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We help patients with many different conditions. Our highly skilled, and educated physical therapists are trained to address and treat the cause of your symptoms.

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MAC Physical Therapy Group was founded by Peter MacDaniel in early 2016….

From Day 1, our goal has been to provide the highest quality treatment for clients by individualizing treatment to allow for a quicker recovery. Peter MacDaniel, President of MAC PT, has extensive experience in a variety of physical therapy clinics and felt they often lacked the ability to connect the rehab process back to the client’s desired activity levels. We believe that treatment should combine both physical therapy and fitness programs.

MAC Physical Therapy was founded to bridge this gap and help clients reach their maximum potential by treating pain, optimizing movement and preventing further injuries through physical therapy treatments. 



From your evaluation and every follow up appointment, you will see the same physical therapist. Each treatment plan is uniquely created to address your specific goals and help you heal from your injury. We believe in educating our patients to understand that what they do outside of the physical therapy office is as important as inside the office. Every aspect of treatment is individualized, therefore no two treatments are the same. 

We strive to provide a higher level of care with individualized treatment, modern techniques, and attention to detail throughout each phase of the rehab process. We provide the level of care that all physical therapy patients should expect. Our appointments are scheduled every 30 minutes to ensure you will be one-on-one with your physical therapist during that 30 minutes to address all questions and concerns while receiving treatment.

If you are skeptical if physical therapy can help you with your pain or have been to physical therapy and been disappointed, please reach out to us as we know you will be happy with your treatment here.

Our approach to treatment will address the cause of your symptoms. We will help to manage your pain while optimizing movement and performance of your body to heal better and prevent reoccurrence. Our clients leave physical therapy much better then they were before their pain began.

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Dr. Peter MacDaniel is the president of MAC Physical Therapy Group. Peter founded MAC in 2016 after practicing physical therapy for 10 years.  During his career, he successfully treated orthopedic and sports injuries by accurately diagnosing and treating movement impairments. His interest in a physical therapy career began with his background in sports.  As an All-American pitcher in college, he experienced numerous injuries providing him with first-hand experience of the power that sports medicine physical therapy can have on recovery. He now works to help all his clients recover from injuries, prevent injuries, and improve performance.


His approach to physical therapy is to evaluate each patient individually and build a plan unique to their needs.  This allows him to identify and treat the root cause of their symptoms. He utilizes a combination manual therapy techniques to improve movement while reducing pain, then implementing exercises to improve range of motion, mobility, strength, flexibility and correct imbalances. By using a variety of types of manual therapy, Peter is able to help clients to perform at their best.

Tired of being in pain? Let our physical therapists help!

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