About us

Our Story

MAC Physical Therapy Group was founded by Peter MacDaniel in early 2016 with the goal of taking a more proactive approach to helping people remain healthy through rehab and fitness.

Peter had worked in a variety of clinics before opening MAC Physical Therapy Group and was bothered by the fact that once a patient was discharged he usually lost track and never knew how they were continuing to do or if they continue to improve. Once a person was done someone else would fill that spot and we would continue pressing forward as a clinic.

MAC Physical Therapy Group was designed to improve that by addressing the holistic needs of the individual and help them achieve and surpass their current goals. We will combine physical therapy, personal training and group exercise programs into one facility to provide what is best for our clients.

Our Mission

At MAC Physical Therapy Group we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment for people to achieve all their rehabilitation and fitness goals. Physical health is our goal and we strive to help every one of our clients achieve their optimal physical health.

Why choose MAC Physical Therapy Group

From your evaluation and every follow up appointment thereafter you will see the same physical therapist. The treatment plan created will be individual to you to address your specific goals and help you heal from your injury.

We believe heavily in educating our patients and what you do outside of the office is as important as inside the office. Every aspect of the treatment that is to be provided is unique to you and no two people are alike, therefore no two treatments are the same.

We strive on providing a higher level of care then you are used to getting. We believe that this higher level of care is what should be expected by you when seeking out a physical therapist. We schedule appointments every 30 minutes so you will be one on one with your physical therapist during that 30 minutes to address all questions and concerns while receiving treatment.

If you are skeptical if physical therapy can help you with your pain or have been to physical therapy and been disappointed please reach out to us as we know you will be happy with your treatment here.

Once you finish with physical therapy we do not believe you are done improving to reach your optimal health. We offer continuation programs after discharge with our personal trainers to help our clients continue to grow and reach their goals. For more information, Contact us at Sterling, VA center.