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Therapeutic exercise vs. fitness program 

Therapeutic exercise differs from your typical personal training program because a therapeutic exercise program is designed to correct a problem.  The goals of a therapeutic exercise program are will vary from client to client but they all are designed to achieve optimal pain free function.  depending on the problem being treated with the program, the exercises may address weakness, poor stability, poor mobility, poor flexibility, balance deficits, etc.

The program is created by your physical therapist

At your first appointment, the physical therapist will create an exercise program designed specifically to correct the problem that you are addressing with physical therapy.  this program will progress and become more challenging as you progress in physical therapy. The exercises include exercises to improve range of motion, strength, stability, balance, posture and function.

Strength vs. stability 

If strength is a what is needed a series of exercises will be prescribed to you to improve strength in the weaken and deficient muscles.  However, some people can be very strong but have no control over their joint. In these cases, a separate group of exercises will be used to promote dynamic joint stability.  The program is developed specific to what is determined to be casing your issue during the evaluation.

Mobility vs. flexibility

Much like strength and Stability, mobility and flexibility hold a unique relationship. Flexibility exercises are used when muscles are tight will mobility exercises are related to joint stiffness causing a pain or abnormal movement.  Joint stiffness and a lack of mobility is a good predictor of something going wrong and something that needs to be fixed if possible.

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