Physical Therapy at MACPT

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy is a service provided by a healthcare provider licensed to practice physical therapy.  All of the physical therapists at MACPT hold a doctoral degree.  We work in collaboration with MD, DO, Chiropractors, personal trainers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, sports coaches, athletic trainers, etc.  We work with these other professionals to help people recover from injury, prevent injury and improve performance of the human body.

Traditionally physical therapy is used to treat disease, injury and disability through physical methods.  These include exercises, hands-on treatments, and modalities such as electrical stimulation, laser therapy, compression, hot/cold, taping, and more.

Physical therapy treatments are also used to help maintain the health of the body.  We use the same treatments as above but instead of starting injured people man just have imbalances there are acquired from their sports, daily lives and routines.  these imbalances may increase the risk of inury and treatment can improve movement efficency and optimization by correcting imbalances and training movement.

Our Approach

At MACPT we start each physical therapy program with a thorough assessment.  The Initial assessment is 60 minutes one-on-one.

We assess the full person during our evaluation.  Our goals revolve around function and are not solely to eliminate pain.  We help you return to throwing, running, lifting, or any other activity you are doing that were causing pain prior.

With every rehab and prehab case, we push the body to adapt to the demands and stresses placed on it.  The stresses on the body increase with load, repetition and effort.   In the presence of dysfunctional movement the stresses applied to the body may exceed what can be controlled.  This may result in an injury and impaired performance.

To recover from injury we focus on optimizing movement. We prioritize mobility, strength and stability with our clients before we progress to loading movements.  Limitations in mobility, strength and stability will cause compensations through movement which may result in overloading of certain areas of the body.  Our goal for any movement is to have stability through full motion and be able to load the movement pattern without pain.

We work on mobility, strength, and stability concurrently based on the capabilities of your body.  We follow a system that allows us to get the best, consistent results.

What do we treat?

We work with people suffering from all types of orthopedics and sports related injuries.  These injuries include overuse injuries, traumatic/fracture, non-surgical, and post-surgical.

We also work with people wanting to stay healthy and reduce the risk of further injury by identifying imbalance and implementing plans to improve movement.  Improving mobility, strength, stability and quality of movement may reduce the risk of injury.

Goals of Physical Therapy

The primary goal of physical therapy is to: improve and maintain functional ability and prevent disability/injury.  

Many of the items we focus on to improve function and prevent injury are to improve movement, mobility, flexibility, strength, endurance, stability, human performance, and reduce pain

We also teach patients how to exercise to improve overall physical fitness, move efficiently and optimally, and injury prevention. 



Before MACPT, I had a lot of confidence issues playing volleyball.  I didn’t know when the pain would flare up, or if a hard swing would hurt.  Now after PT, I am hitting hard or harder than I used to before my injury and I play with confidence.  I feel strong and capable.


Dr Pete has not only helped me recover from multiple injuries the past few years but he equiped me with the knowledge and skills to prevent them.  He has put my shoulder back together time and time again.  I would not be continuing to pitch in college if not for Dr Pete’s treatment and expertise.


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