Prehab at MACPT

What is Prehab?

A Prehab program is a performance program.  It can work in conjunction with any other in season or out of season programs you are currently performing.  This program will improve how the body moves and help maintain good quality movement to keep you healthy.

You will see many of the same exercises and movements in physical therapy programs that you will see in prehab programs.  They are very similar and use the same exercises and techniques but have a different goals.  Physical therapy is to restore function and enhance mobility while prehab has the goal of optimizing movements to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury

Many muscles and movements may get neglected when at the gym or training for your sport.  Also imbalance develop from repetitive activity.  Prehab exercises generally target smaller, more specific movements and muscles to optimize movement.  Every workout, sport, and activity places specific demands and stresses on the body and prehab exercises will help prepare your body for these demands.


Our Approach

At MACPT the prehab programs are structured just like a performance program.  They have a warm up portion designed to improve mobility, muscle activity and to prepare the body to move.  Then they progress to a strengthening phase and cool down at the end to help the body recover.

Prehab programs start with an individual one-on-one assessment of how you move to look at your mobility, strength and stability.  This allows us to create the appropriate customized program for you and there will be a reassessment at 6 weeks to check progress. 

The programs typically start with restoring mobility and strength, then progress to more complex movements.  At the end of the program we will give you movements to screen yourself and a maintenance program.  

Who is Appropriate for Prehab?

Prehab programs are appropriate for everyone unless they are currently suffering from an injury.  They will help people move well and continues to do the things they love.

We build generalized prehab programs that help the body function better.  They are designed for people who are currently not injured. 

We also create specialized programs for athletes that are designed specifically to help them adapt to the stresses and demands placed on their body by their sport. 

They are not a replacement for performance training programs but should be and enhancement to them.

Goals of Prehab

Prehab focuses on the little things.  Small muscle groups, specific movements with one goal.  To improve how you move to reduce the risk of injury. 

Sports, exercise and our daily lives are repetitive and cause predictable imbalances and mobility restrictions.  These programs provide a structured plan to keep you moving well while you continue to do sports, exercise and all the other things you enjoy.

Prehab may be the key to keeping you healthy and reducing your risk of injury.


Peter is a gifted therapist with the intuitive ability to balance the demands on time with the needs of their bodies. He’s my go to for mobility and health.


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