Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

We treat problems with movement.
If it hurts when you move then you are in the right place.

We not only help you recover from an injury but also optimize movement and performance by improving how your body functions.



At MACPT, we take a comprehensive approach to treating our clients by examining not only the injured area but also all parts of the body which may be contributing to repeated injuries or causing pain. This helps us determine the cause of your symptoms and develop a plan to create long term and lasting results. We treat the cause not just the symptoms through a variety of therapies, including, including manual therapy, orthopedics physical therapy and sports medicine. 

We believe in a hands on approach to treatment that allows for one-on-one time with the physical therapists and breeds better results for our clients. We strive to provide our clients with the best physical therapy experience in Northern Virginia.

Every client gets an Individualized plan to their specific needs that help them recover from their injury as quickly as possible. We also help athletes recover from sports related injuries, and continue to play through injury when possible without causing additional injuries. Our plans are not cookie cutter with careful detail placed on the creation and implementation of specialized physical therapy plans. 

Each plan is created with your personal physical goals as the anchor. We take an approach to treatment that helps bridge the gap between injury and the return to sport or activity.  Our goal is to help you recover 100% from your injury and reduce your risk for repeated injuries.

  Our expert physical therapist utilize a variety of techniques to help our patient recover as quickly and safely as possible, including, dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), kinesiology taping, trigger point release, cupping, myofascial release, joint and spinal mobilization/manipulation, Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Y Balance Test (YBT).


We help you

Return from injury or surgery, restore physical function, optimize movement, and get back to your activity level even better than before. We’ll help you feel better, but also address the underlying causes of your injury to prevent it from occurring again. 

Benefitting from physical therapy does not always begin with an injury. Many of our clients seek to remain active and our process helps to identify imbalances and movement anomalies that may be hindering progress. This proactive approach to physical therapy helps reduce the risk of sustaining an injury. 

All of our sessions are 30 minutes and in-network with most insurance carriers.


Frequent ask Question


No, we are able to treat a client for 30 days prior to them needing to be referred to a physician. We have a network of physicians and can recommend the appropriate one for your injury if you require seeing a physician. We can also facilitate to get you in quicker, if necessary.

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No, as physical therapists we are experts in movement and the musculoskeletal system of the body.  This allows us to not only rehab injuries, but identify possible areas that can put you at risk for an injury.  We are able to initiate treatment through hands-on treatment and specific exercise interventions that will help to correct imbalance and optimize movement to allow the body to perform better.

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No, we specialize in treating shoulder and elbow injuries and therefore get a lot of athletes. However, we do manage clients with all orthopedics and sports injuries of all ages. We do not do the same thing with each client, so the treatment for a baseball player with shoulder pain will be different than that with a frozen shoulder. Don’t be weary of coming to see us as we will always tailor treatment to your needs and abilities.

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