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Shoulder Pain

Is your rotator cuff causing you pain?

Do you have pain in your shoulder with reaching overhead or taking off a shirt.  You may have suffered an injury to your rotator cuff muscles.  These injuries can be very painful and greatly limit activity.  Many minor rotator cuff injuries can be treated very effectively with physical therapy but there are circumstances when surgery is required to repair the rotator cuff.

Rotator cuff injury is one of the many injuries that can occur to the shoulder. Correctly managing the injury and understanding how the shoulder functions is paramount to getting good outcomes and preventing recurrent shoulder problems.

Effective treatment of the shoulder requires an expert

The shoulder is the most complicated joint in the body and therefore can be easily injured and challenging to rehab. The shoulder complex is made up of your clavicle, humerus, and scapula with four separate joints connecting them. The shoulder is an extremely mobile joint therefore it is at high risk of instability.  To stabilize and move the joint there is a complex network of muscles that must work together to allow your shoulder to function optimally.  This is true in whether you use your shoulder for work, picking up your children or playing competitive sports.  When the muscles become overworked or the shoulder joint becomes unstable the shoulder is at risk for an injury.

Due to the complexity of the shoulder it takes an expert physical therapist in movement and function of the shoulder to help you return to your desired activities without pain.  At MAC Physical Therapy Group, we are physical therapists in the shoulder and work with a people with shoulder injuries including throwing athletes.

Common Conditions

Some injuries of the shoulder that are commonly treated with physical therapy:

  • tendonitis
  • bursitis
  • fracture
  • frozen shoulder
  • dislocation
  • sprains
  • strains
  • post operative rehabilitation
Do not let your shoulder pain limit you

At MAC Physical Therapy Group will will be able to perform a full in depth evaluation to help determine the cause of your shoulder pain and create a treatment plan that will allow you to return to your highest level possible.  Whether you have undergone surgery or work up and were unable to lift your arm MAC Physical Therapy Group is here to help you achieve the best possible outcome after you shoulder injury.

Contact us at Sterling, VA center today to schedule your appointment.