Throughout life, exercise is vital for a person to remain healthy and active. It helps to improve human performance, reduce the risk of injury, as well as improve overall health and reduce stress.

MAC PT is a safe and effective way to incorporate a fitness programs into your daily routine.  All routines are supervised and created by our personal trainers with the oversight of our doctors of physical therapy.

This program is perfect for people that are uncomfortable about starting exercise, first getting into fitness, recovering from an injury after finishing physical therapy, or someone who likes to work one on one with a personal trainer.

Our process starts with a functional assessment of how a person moves and conversation with the personal trainer so we can provide a program that addresses a person’s individual physical limitations and personal goals.

The programs will take place in our private studio and consist of a combination of mobility, flexibility, body weight exercise, strength training, stabilization and neuromuscular exercises specific to each individual.

We will address imbalances, weakness, and immobility to improve function, strength, power and overall conditioning.



Personal Training

All programs will be one-on-one up to a max of four-on-one.  Prices can be as low as $20 per session depending on the service chosen.


Medically Guided Exercise Programs

Same as personal training but with the physical therapist assisting in program development to make the program safe and effective for clients with complex medical conditions.