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It is time to reach your fitness goals

Improved health, happiness and energy are all side effects of exercise. Achieve all these and more with a personalized fitness program designed and implemented by a personal trainer at MAC Physical Therapy Group. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are an avid exerciser, there is a program that is just right for you and we will find out what that program is.

We will address your individual goals and develop a program to achieve them. Our personal approach, with a low client to trainer ratio, is perfect for each person to get the attention needed to get the most out of each session. Our clientele varies greatly as do their goals; so if your goal is to lose weight, start training for that half marathon, or exercise routinely without hurting yourself we can help structure a program specific to you.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for personal training is simple we want to train correct movement patterns before we start to build strength on top of it. If we progress too quickly to advanced movements and lifts people may be successful; but the risk of developing compensations, poor movement patterns, and pain that will eventually stop them from working out increases greatly. Training form and quality of movement gives us a great foundation of mobility, stability, strength and flexibility to build off of and shatter your goals and expectations.

Meet the Personal Trainers

Choose a program tailored to you! Be your best self!

Our programs are structured in 12 weeks increments, and all program are either one-on-one or performed in a group of up to 4 people. All of your sessions will be structured by and supervised by one of our certified personal trainers. The workout will last 50-60 minutes with time in the beginning for a warm up and at the end reserved for a cool down.

Spots in our classes are limited so contact us today at Sterling, VA center to reserve your personal training sessions. It is time to begin your fitness journey.