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SportsCare Physical Therapy has received eight Outcomes Excellence Awards from Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes, Inc. (FOTO®), a nationwide outcomes database and independent performance reporting organization for health care providers.

  • This award is presented to a select group of providers to recognize their excellence achieved in effectiveness of treatment for 12 consecutive months.
  • SportsCare Physical Therapy has demonstrated a greater increase in function for our patients than the national average for eight consecutive quarters ending December 2016.
  • SCPT also ranks in the top percentiles in the nation for outcomes on orthopedic problems including the top 2% for foot/ankle and 3% for hip improvement.
  • FOTO is a national performance and benchmarking organization. It gathers patient outcome data from over 3400 clinics with more than 15,000 clinicians and is based off of 11 million patient assessments.
  • By comparing our performance to 3000+ clinics nationwide, SCPT has demonstrated that we not only meet national standards for treatment, but we exceed them.

Patient outcomes are measures of the “effectiveness” of physical therapy treatment – that is, how much improvement providers are able to help patients achieve, over how much time and in how many visits.

SportsCare Physical Therapy participates in the PTPN Outcomes Program. PTPN is the first and largest network of independent rehabilitation practitioners in the U.S. PTPN providers are experienced and highly qualified physical therapists who are subjected to the most stringent credentialing and quality standards in the industry.