MAC PT offers small group exercise classes, including strengthening and mobility, to improve our clients’ overall health and wellness, reduce injury risk, and improve performance.

Group exercise programs take place in our private studio with a max of 8 people per session and each program is structured to achieve a specific goal.


MAC Injury Prevention

Lower body and upper body neuromuscular based injury prevention programs. These programs work as an enhancement to current training programs to correct imbalances, improve strength, stability, mobility and flexibility to help our clients move better and control their body to reduce their risk of injury in the sport or activity they perform. Programs are run by a person trainer and developed collaboratively with the physical therapists and personal trainers.

MAC Mobility Training

MAC Mobility Training is a mobility class taught by Matt Gordon, a Physical Therapist who is trained in Functional Range Systems. The class is designed to work through a routine of exercises to explore each client’s mobility and expand their range safely. The class and the movements are backed by research and are safe for people of all ages and all levels of athletic performance.