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Structured classes to maintain a healthy body

MAC Physical Therapy Group offers Pilates and yoga classes to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. We believe that health is not just physical but all mental and the practice of yoga and Pilates has many more benefits. Our instructors are incredibly knowledgeable having studied these programs for years, so that they would be able to share their knowledge with you.


When Practiced Correctly Pilates is an art. It will challenge and work you through controlled movements. With adherence to the program and under the guidance of our expert instructors you will achieved improved flexibility, strength, control and endurance of movement through the entire body. Within each session of Pilates, we will put on emphasis on breathing, a strong and stable core and alignment with each exercise. The beauty with this style of workout is that the instructors can progress or regress any movement to achieve the right default for you. Therefor it is perfect for people after rehab as a continuation program, new to exercise, skilled and seasoned clients, athletes and people with chronic pain. As you get better at the exercises the intensity of the workout will increase with your learning curve.


Yoga is a practiced discipline for many individuals to promote health and relations. Yoga not only encompasses the body but also the mind and the spirit. You will go through a series of exercise and body positions to improve fitness and flexibility through the body. Each session will be led by the instructor and here will be an emphasis on breathing and positions. People practice yoga for years as a means of centering themselves and relieving stress while getting a great workout.

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Weekly Class Schedule

  • Monday, 5:30pm – Yoga/Pilates Fusion
  • Wednesday, 5:30pm – Yoga/Pilates Fusion

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